Why Electronics Expeditors (EE) is a Leading Electronic Component Distributor?

Electronic gadgets are an integral part of our lives. They have transformed our lives for the better. These electronic gadgets utilize various parts and components such as connectors, switches, and terminal blocks, which play a great role in their functioning. With such an important role to play, it is becoming important than ever to source these components and parts from trusted distributors. If you are living in the Midwestern United States, you will find several distributors with a vast experience and certifications to their credit, and Electronic Expeditors, Inc. (EE) stands tall among them. You may ask how EE is different from its competitors. Read the post to know more.

3 Degrees of Separation between EE and its Competitors

There are several reasons that have contributed to EE’s acceptance among leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Electronic Contract Manufacturers (ECMs) and Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs) in the US and across the globe. The following 3 points strongly differentiates EE from its competitors.

  • One Stop Destination for Important Passive Electronic Components and Parts: EE owns one of the comprehensive inventories of passive electronic components and partsin the US. This allows customers save their efforts, time, and money involved in sourcing parts from multiple vendors. Some of its main product offerings include:
    • Sensors
    • Bushbars
    • Connectors and Terminals
    • Industrial Enclosures
    • Power Supplies
    • Interface Modules
    • DIN Rail
    • PCB Blocks
    • Marking Systems
    • Terminal Blocks
  • A Comprehensive Array of Value-added Services: Being an authorized modifier of most products sold, EE helps its clients to fulfill their special purchasing or modification requirements. In addition to authorized product modification, EE provides the following value-added services:
    • Pre-productions and Assemblies
    • First Article Assemblies
    • Short Run Assemblies
    • Large Quantity Assemblies
    • IDC (Flat Ribbon) Cable Assemblies
    • Soldered &Crimped Assemblies
    • Part Marking
    • OEM Contract Support Services
    • Re-Specification Support for OEMs
    • Stocking Support for OEMs &MROs
    • Just-in-Time Deliveries
    • Bin Replenishment Services
  • Quality Products and Services at Competitive Prices: EE strives to provide quality products from industry-leading brands. Over the years, the company has forged supply chain relationships, which has helped it offer the products at competitive prices. Being a customer-centric organization, EE has always focused on providing quality services that satisfy customer’s needs and expectations. 

EE operates from its modern 15,000 sq.ft warehouse/office complex, and provides individual attention to all its clients ranging from start-ups to established corporations. Please visit the website for more details.